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Rebel Radio Making a group built for Instagram: How @WeAreWildStyle figured that out.


Rebel Radio

This week’s interview is a continuation from last week with Richard Vission. Wild Style is (are?) Richard’s tribute to the 80s dance genre freestyle. Think Exposé, Cover Girls, Trinere. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up. But while the duo of Frankie and Sonja is definitely a throwback, there’s something very current about them at the same time. They’re sexy and playful and seem like they’re built for Instagram, and Richard’s production updates the freestyle sound with classic house influences that allow them to fit in on dance floors around the world. We have fun talking about flirting with boys, flirting with girls, and the rigors of not only trying to blow up but also to do something that’s meaningful for themselves. It’s a short interview, so take advantage of that. Don’t forget to leave us comments, reviews, and money. Or just money.

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