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Rebel Radio How to reinvent your career while you’re on top, plus lessons from Ice Cube, LL Cool J, and Tupac


Rebel Radio

Our guest, Quincy Jones III aka QDIII - Producer and digital/tech entrepreneur. You might not exactly say he came from humble beginnings, as the son of perhaps the greatest music producer the world has known. Young Quincy got to sit in on recording sessions for Michael Jackson's Thriller and tag along with big Quincy backstage with jazz and r&b greats. But, as he puts it, "I had the luxury in my opinion of growing up rich and poor,” spending most of his childhood with his mother in a working class home in Sweden. There, he learned to hustle on his own, as well as to take his talents to the streets, literally, as a champion breakdancer. Before moving back to the States, Quincy had released his first hit song and had already embraced the idea of reinvention, pivoting from dancing to making music. From there, the story just gets more interesting. From being immersed among the pione

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