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Rebel Radio Can you recognize greatness immediately? Paul Stewart on House of Pain, Pharcyde, & Warren G


Rebel Radio

As an entertainment business entrepreneur, Paul Stewart has done it all. He’s started multiple companies. He’s worked in music, film, fashion, and now books. He’s had years with multiple mega-hits, and years where he just barely scraped by. His story is about the struggle: Wake up everyday and hustle. Stay true to what you know. Connect with good people. Be generous. Never stop fighting. Here are just a few of the gems that come out of our interview: On the keys to his success: “I got down differently than other people. I thought the parties were important. I do some of my best networking running the streets at night and connecting with people.” On the people running major record labels: “They are not creative people, so they hire uncreative people underneath them and its like, ego driven maniacs, nepotism and just unqualified.” The problem with book publishers: “The

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