Various Artists RawtidBoard 31/01/20 - Monthly Listings

RawtidBoard is a monthly listing for potential tracks released within a certain month. A close look up on which songs that would have missed attention whilst they deserve one. This initiative is brought to you to safely discover potential tracks that would help you refresh your playlist. Therefore, this is done every month. In January, we saw a twist turn of Enzo Ishall from his former management to a new management. To solidify this, he released Uri Kutsvireiko, produced by Oskid Tapfuma, clearing out the reasons why he has left his former management. Uri Kutsvireiko is our track of the month of January. Which makes Enzo Ishall the artist of the month too. Catchup in February and let us wait and see what it will provide us with.

  • Runtime: 101 minutes, 31 songs
  • Release Date: May 3, 2020