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Ras-I Kingman Ting

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Known to fans for his ability to produce blends of roots and reggae sounds with elements of R&B, Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop, Ras-I has now added Dancehall and Afro Beat to his repertoire. We should not let this excitement distract us though, because behind the sonic energy of pulsating beats, groovy samples and hip-hop kicks, Ras- I has a power- ful message for all to hear. He wants to give his listeners a true intro- duction to who “Ras-I” is and what exactly he has to offer. “Kingman Ting” is the definition of versatility. With Ras-I’s smooth, melodic and rootsy tones riding the waves of the Afro Beats, he stays true to his important message of living everyday by the example of His Majesty, Haile Selassie I

  • Producer: Koastal Kings & Ras-I Musique
  • Release Date:

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