KB The General Hook King


(KB The General) "Hook King" Mixtape is going to set him apart from the competition. Great lyrics and content. He has been putting in major work, and even started shooting his own music videos! KB The General is a artist/songwriter/rapper/Videographer from Washington D.C with a one of a kind, unique style. Brand new music video titled "So What" off my new mixtape, "Hook King" drops with the project June 30th, 2014 on youtube.com/KBTheGeneral and a few other websites. At the end of the year he is releasing a new project with two talented singers, Shaun Cromartie and Khilia Chantal called "Love & Loyalty". Also be on the look out for another new music video "UPTOWN" with GTown Wayne, Produca P, Uptown Hunter set to release near the end of july or early august.

  • Runtime: 26 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: June 27, 2014