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Random Acts Of Podcast EP249: Brinks Truck Boyz


On this weeks episode of RAOP Devin has a sit down with Jalen Ramsey to find out what's the meaning of him pulling up to the Jaguars stadium in a Brinks truck. Also we go over news surrounding the Marvel phase four announcements at Comic Con this past weekend. Remember to send in your listener questions, #TheyNeedTheirAssBeat or #RealNiggaOfTheWeek submissions, email us at or call 424-260-RAOP to leave a voicemail. Hit up THOROS at on Twitter or on Instagram and use code RAOP when making a payment for a discount of $20 on your first account purchase Go to DRAFT.COM and use the promo code "RAOP" to play in your first fantasy Draft for free. Go to GAMEFLYOFFER.COM/RANDOM to sign up for a 30 Day free trial and 1 free video game rental. RAOP Songs Of the Week Playlist Apple Music- Spotify- Website: Twitch: Twitter: Spotify: iHeart Radio: Soundcloud: @raopodcast Draft: GameFly: Audible:

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