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Bibiola Thankgiving Medley


Bibiola Mandy

With this timeless, sempiternal cheerful tune by Minister Bibiola let us give heartfelt joyful Thanks to the God Who imprinted us on His heart, earnestly surrounded us with His ever abiding Presence, and has made us more than conquerors. This is the best Thanksgiving Medley and this is the best time to give Thanks. What is interesting and unique about this song is, it is more than a song of thanksgiving, it also a declaration of our victory, and it is not like anything you've heard or sang; It's all fresh and void of copyright. Fresh dew from Heaven. “My prayer is, everyone who get to hear this song now, in the future, in eternity, whenever, wherever, let it bless them, lift them, delete darkness and fear from their hearts and input light that births gratitude toward God.” Says Bibiola.

  • Producer: M Chords
  • Album: Single
  • Release Date:

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