Prizz Cold Zero (Prod. Prizz)

  • Album: Cold Zero - Single


I want to announce my new drop which is my 4th release following my last single "Anaconda". The name of my new song is called "Cold Zero" and it's really something else.🔥🔥 Fuelled by the urge to capitalize all styles of hip hop and trap articulation Prismvtic proves to us that he is not really trapped orientated but shows versatility in all departments of skills within the the game.People have been rather curious about his abilities and wether or not he can really rap with clarity and his been rather teasing with his previous releases waiting for people to say anything negative so he can give them a taste of what his capable of. "Cold Zero" was an experiment performed in one day under difficult conditions which prohibits any creative function 7 hours was the total time of this PJ
  • Producer: Prizz
  • Album: Cold Zero - Single
  • Release Date: April 13, 2017