Princess Ifemide Aanu Re


Aanu Re ( Your Mercy) is a song that every one GOD has created should learn to sing, GOD'S Mercy is the only thing left behind, we can bear witnesses to it ourselves, every since the pandemic has found it's way to the world, everything doesn't make meaning anymore, we've also gotten the rare picture of our usual saying 'Health is Wealth'. The way the pandemic gripped the World at large has given us clarity that GOD is the only option, science has failed, connection has failed, wealth has failed, money has failed, influence has failed, But GOD'S MERCIES never fails, to have access to GOD ,HIS MERCY is what we can go through because it brings no condemnation and error. This song Aanu Re is a song to appease GOD that we can not stand HIS anger, and HIS MERCY alone can deliver the World espec

  • Producer: Shola Williams
  • Release Date: