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Kerwin Du Bois D Influence [Main Mix]

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Ever wonder what would happen if the 2014 Groovy Monarch King, Power Soca Monarch songwriter, and Road March Producer were to collaborate? Well, wonder no more. The answer quite simply is a song that dramatically surpasses the outer limits of Soca until it seems ethereal in nature. This release by Kerwin Du Bois, working with Jelani "Pops" Shaw and Precision Productions, is truly a result and measure of the creative ingenuity of these gifted minds. Almost instantly, its otherworldly intoxication seeps beneath the skin stirring nerve endings, insistent that you take notice and allow yourself to immediately sink under "D Influence" of it all. With surreal vocals, freeing lyrics, and music that will not leave you be, this seamless production is designed to whet imaginations and give masqueraders an emotive tune that will linger with them all season long.

  • Producer: Precision Productions
  • Release Date: