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Lil' Bitts Burning Up

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Fire is often only seen as a force of destruction. If we were to be honest though, fire can bring forth renewal and much needed change. It is not easy by any means, but once that trial by fire is overcome there is no entity on earth that can stop the ensuing forward momentum. Very few know this lesson as well as Soca songstress Shivonne "Lil' Bitts" Churche. Her journey has been tumultuous but like a phoenix she rises, letting go of the old, and embracing new beginnings. Right now it is her moment and she is "Burning Up"! This first release was penned by Myles Alexis, who took the opportunity to fashion lyrics, which highlight the fiery energy only Lil' Bitts can bring to a single. While musically, Precision Productions worked hand in hand with AdvoKit Productions bringing to life a scorching flare of energy that will no doubt shine continuously as this season unfolds. The song

  • Producer: Precision Productions Advokit Productions
  • Release Date: