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Zan BattleFront

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Joel "Zan" Feveck harmonizes his way into Carnival 2013, with a sexy but bold proclamation to women for the season. “Battlefront” sizzles with the skillful singer’s intention to unashamedly attack only the front of any lady who catches his eye. For this release, Jamall Sprauve worked with Precision Productions on the enticing music, while the team of Jamaal "Culcha" Miller, I-Bari Davis, Lionel Blucher, along with Zan, composed the very audacious lyrics. The melodic track stands as the embodiment of Caribbean collaboration, and also as proof positive that when island people, in this instance The Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago, meld their abilities, only great outcomes are to be expected.

  • Producer: Precision Productions
  • Release Date:

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