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Precision Productions Single Barrel Riddim

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Precision Productions is pouring sensuous liquid fire onto their pulsating beats to create a smooth infectious sound, laced with all the ingredients needed for an unforgettably good time in their latest release, the Single Barrel Riddim. Timed to perfection, this Riddim takes you past your frigid inhibitions, along the road of no return, and far beyond petty worries to a place where the atmosphere is a heady mix of heat, freedom, and gyrating bodies. And with it, the team offers up a spectacle of music so licentious that only the perfect blend of risqué vocal ringleaders would do. Teasing listeners to wander down this wanton path is the rich voice of Kees Dieffenthaller, balanced by Gabrielle’s siren call, combined with Blaxx’s singing potency, alongside Nebula868’s hardcore swing, and Destra’s salacious charm. All of these Single Barrel songs are a wicked con

  • Producer: Precision Productions
  • Runtime: 17 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date:

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