Top 20 ArgentinaRuntime: 73 mins, 20 songs

  • Runtime: 73 mins, 20 songs
  • Playlist Creator: Max Escobar
  • Last updated: Mar 4th, 2019
  • Description: Welcome to Audiomack’s Top 20 Latin Charts. These specially curated charts exist to close the gap between commercial success and street buzz. Our hope is to showcase the music and artists truly moving music forward, that may not have the resources to take over traditional streams like radio. We pride ourselves on the Top 20 series, because radio success will not determine chart placement. We’re here for quality artists and quality music first, the numbers come second. Featuring Paulo Londra, Khea, Lit Killah, and more Argentinian artists moving music forward, this Top 20 chart is the perfect primer to the country’s music scene and rising stars. With the Argentinian music scene, there is an artist for every flavor of rap fan, from the trap to the classic styles. Press play on this playlist and discover a new favorite, along with the rest of the Argentinian artists moving music forward!


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