Dreezy EssentialsRuntime: 34 mins, 10 songs

  • Runtime: 34 mins, 10 songs
  • Playlist Creator: Kim Chanel
  • Last updated: Oct 26th, 2018
  • Description: A true wordsmith with seemingly endless charisma, Chicago rapper Dreezy sounds like an artist always on the verge of breaking out. Her punchy delivery pairs perfectly with the subtle rasp in her voice, making her one of the city’s most distinctive emcees. Dreezy keeps moving music forward by packing a major bite into her music, tempered by the lightness and spry quality of her voice. Each and every one of her tracks is textured and varied, and her music always demands multiple listens. To keep you in the loop, Audiomack has put together a playlist of the most essential Dreezy cuts.

    A staple Dreezy track blends menace, nonchalance, and an attractive swagger into one seamless waterfall of bars and energy. Tracks like “Spazz,” “Boss,” and “Blessings,” showcase Dreezy’s range of deliveries and her ability to bring passion to the table without drowning in her own emotion. Dreezy cuts through any and all production, and even with the most forceful featured artists, she never plays second. With another album on the way, press play on this playlist now to hear how Dreezy is moving music forward.


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