A lyrical deconstruction of YeezusRuntime: 898 mins, 12 songs

  • Runtime: 898 mins, 12 songs
  • Playlist Creator: WatchingTheThronePodcast
  • Last updated: Feb 6th, 2018
  • Description: Here you'll find the most complete lyrical deconstruction of Yeezus that's ever been undertaken. It's long but illuminating ride. Your understanding and view of the album is sure to change. Hopefully for the better. Find out how Kanye foreshadows Bound 2 on On Sight. The three-act structure that Yeezus relies on. How Ye uses guest features to illustrate the interiors cape of the Yeezus character. The secret message hidden in Hungarian at the end of New Slaves. And, ultimately, why "Jerome's in the house, watch your mouth" is such an incredible way to end the album.
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