Gang Wit Me: SOB x RBE EssentialsRuntime: 46 mins, 16 songs

  • Runtime: 46 mins, 16 songs
  • Playlist Creator: JOEVANGO
  • Last updated: Dec 10th, 2018
  • Description: After their impressive appearance on the ‘Black Panther’ soundtrack, stealing the show with “Paramedic!”, the Vallejo-based rap crew made up of Slimmy B, DaBoii, Lul G, and Yhung T.O., have launched themselves into the national spotlight. The four-piece rely on their natural chemistry and thoughtfully play to each member’s strengths on each of their songs, making for an engaging listen every time. Get familiar with the crew with Audiomack’s specially curated SOB x RBE essentials playlist.

    SOB x RBE thrive off of catchy hooks, earworm melodies, and their tongue-twisting raps. The thumping quality of “Different” prove the group to be capable hit-makers, while the grip of solo cuts on the playlist give listeners a better feel for the unique flows and deliveries of each of the members. SOB x RBE avoid a too-many-cooks situation by being lean with their music, while never skimping on quality and moving music forward.


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