Sheck Wes EssentialsRuntime: 29 mins, 10 songs

  • Runtime: 29 mins, 10 songs
  • Playlist Creator: JOEVANGO
  • Last updated: Dec 10th, 2018
  • Description: Harlem’s Sheck Wes is storming hip-hop with a series of riotous singles and co-signs from Travis Scott and Kanye West. With massive hits like “Mo Bamba” and “Live SheckWes Die SheckWes,” the young artist is taking the brick and cutting sensibilities of New York hip-hop and amping them up with a fire all his own. Sheck Wes brings an undeniable energy to the table, and with his debut album ‘Mudboy’ on the way, Audiomack has put together a playlist of the essential Sheck Wes tracks so you can be in the know and hear exactly how Sheck Wes is moving music forward.

    Featuring both his hits and his lesser known cuts, this playlist is the best way to get into Sheck Wes, one of the most exciting artists coming up in 2018. Between his sharp freestyles and the hilarity of some of his earlier music, it’s easy to see why both Scott and West were gunning to sign him. For all the punk energy that Sheck Wes brings to the mic, each of his songs has a deeper message or story driving it. Young Sheck Wes is getting really rich, and he’s really rapping.


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