Word on Road: Best of Mixtape DrakeRuntime: 106+ mins, 29 songs

  • Runtime: 106+ mins, 29 songs
  • Playlist Creator: JOEVANGO
  • Last updated: Sep 27th, 2018
  • Description: The mixtape is a sacred space in hip-hop, where we often hear our favorite artists at their most raw, their hungriest, and their most open. Toronto’s Drake is no exception to the rule, with his mixtapes featuring him at his most biting and, at times, his most humbled in the presence of his idols and influences. Taking a step back, Audiomack puts together a specially curated playlist of Drake’s best mixtape cuts so you can get lost in your memories and remember Drizzy for who he was and connect the dots to who he has become. Featuring classic tracks like “5am in Toronto” and “Comeback Season,” this playlist is a reminder that Drizzy can really rap, and he’s always been a spitter. Collaborations with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross are humbling to hear, now that Drake is at the top of the game and no longer rapping like his influences. From mixtapes to studio albums, press play on this playlist to hear how Drake went from scrappy puppy to rap’s big dog, and how he moved music forward.

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