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  • Last updated: Jul 5th, 2018
  • Description: Dallas rapper Cuban Doll is one of the hottest, sharpest young artists on the come-up. From her modelling career to her ‘Cuban Link’ and ‘Aaliyah Keef’ mixtapes, Doll has taken all the right steps to make a name for herself within and outside of hip-hop. To get yourself familiar with the young legend, Audiomack has put together a playlist of Cuban Doll essentials so you can get the full scope on how Cuban Doll is moving music forward. Cuban Doll has a punchy and unmistakable delivery that can carry a track just as well as her vulnerable writing and storytelling. Linking up with Molly Brazy on “Naan” and SOB x RBE on “I Heard,” along with a grip of her solo tracks, gives you a great picture of her range as an MC. Doll can go from tugging at your heartstrings to riled up and ready to swing without a second thought, and it’s that adaptability as a rapper that’s going to ensure she has a success career.

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