DJBooth's Best OutRuntime: 296 mins, 95 songs

  • Runtime: 296 mins, 95 songs
  • Playlist Creator: DJBooth
  • Last updated: Sep 24th, 2019
  • Description: What we're listening to right now. The best that hip-hop and R&B has to offer. This playlist is updated regularly, so if you like a song, add it to your favorites.


    While there is no industry secret for getting a blog placement, it does help to know the taste of whatever outlets you’re hoping to land a feature with. If you’re an artist looking to get on a blog or secure a feature, or just curious what rap writers listen to when they’re off the clock, check out DJBooth’s frequently updated Best Out playlist.

    This playlist highlights the best music currently out in hip-hop and R&B, and can give you a good sense of what the DJBooth writers are looking to feature on their site. The playlist runs the gamut between major label acts and indies, reminding everyone that you don’t need a major label deal to get yourself placed on a blog, or to move music forward. Press play to discover your new favorite artists, or to see where you stack up among the DJBooth favorites.


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