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Pilot Talk Podcast Vacation Survival Kit


What are the do's and don's of vacation? Is there even a such thing? What about the different types of vacations? Well if I didn't know any better, I would think you're wearing a wire with all these questions. But nonetheless, the Pilots are here to help! Fresh off vacation(s) themselves, the world class travelers are here to give you advice on how to parlay a vacation. Whether it's a homie trip, family trip, or bae trip, don't trip because we got you! Come on now would we steer you wrong?? FOLLOW THE PILOTS Twitter: @pilottalkpod IG: @pilottalkpodcast Santana Twitter & IG: @THAKIDSANTANA Pitter Twitter: @PITTERHOTSPITTA JuGatti Twitter: @_JuGatti IG: @JuKnowIt Use the hashtag #PTPodcast to join in on the convo!

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