Pilot Talk Podcast MyPlayer (Season Finale)


ALTHOUGH WE'VE COME TO THE END OF THE ROADDDD. I feel that is every black persons go to song when it's time to say goodbye. Nonetheless we bid farewell to Season Three: Pilot Talk & Friends. We couldn't leave you guys without a banger so here we go. For starters, JuGatti and the UnShy Glizzy were late so Santana drove the plane until they came. When they arrive they ran through a fury of topics on this nonstop flight to Nirvana Drake dropped a Care Package recently, what artist would you love to hear a Care Package from next? 2K is dropping, so instead of creating a basketball archetype, the Pilots brainstormed possible artist archetype. Found out which Pilot had the best character build for a lucrative rap career. Lastly. what's the point of roses if you can't smell them? You're right, there is no point. That's why the Pilots took time out to give people in their lives the flowers while they're here. We present to you our Gold Roses edition of the show. We can't thank you guys enough for tuning in with us during this season. We hope to have you back for Season Four. Because boy oh boy.. no words for what's about to happen. One Love! #PressPlay FOLLOW THE PILOTS Twitter: @pilottalkpod IG: @pilottalkpodcast Santana Twitter & IG: @THAKIDSANTANA Pitter Twitter: @PITTERHOTSPITTA JuGatti Twitter: @_JuGatti IG: @JuKnowIt Use the hashtag #PTPodcast to join in on the convo

  • Release Date: August 20, 2019