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PhanxxSungChild Adanne (Biafra)


Adanne (BIAFRA) is a tragedy-cupid record/song, that speaks about the ills & bigotry between different ethnic groups in Africa, Nigeria in specific. It's a story about a guy from a particular ethnic group (YORUBA) who has interest dating a lady from a different ethnic group (IGBO). And he was told by the lady that she couldn't date him, not to even think of getting married to him, why? Because she is the first daughter of an IGBO family, plus her dad has vowed to disown her if she dares to marry from another ethnic group aside hers(IGBO). This is one of the numerous pathetic socio-issues within the continent of Africa. Whereby people don't tolerate each other due to diversify in social class, background, ethnic, cultures, religions and so forth. The record/song is a remake of DRAKE's song

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