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Phabz Genesis


Genesis, as the name implies, is the start of a very long journey for the young artiste. Phabz shows the vastness of his sound diversity over the 5 track EP as he curates melodies, with the help of his unique vocal texture, to leave one with a feeling of elation after listening. Phabz conveys his message of hope and belief in the "Intro", alongside the beautiful Fikemi Aderoju. "Jeje" brings the bounce out of his sound and is quite the catchy groove. Phabz turns into the lover boy he is known to be in "Only You" as he turns his emotions into beautiful lyrics. "Dance For Me" is one that promises to get your feet and body moving to the rhythm of the sound. Phabz steps out of the norm in "Falling" as he creates a beautiful love song spiced up with guitar melodies and vocal harmonies.

  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 5 songs
  • Release Date: