Vic Spencer Dip-Off Blessings

  • Album: Walk Away Music

Vic Spencer

9. “Dip-Off Blessings” (Prod. by Nez and Rio) Nez and Rio are two of my favorite producers, period. So I was definitely excited to learn that they would be lending production to this project. Sometimes their style overshadows the actual song-sort of like N.E.R.D.-but the soothing sound took a back seat to Spencer’s brash proclamations of essentially “blessing” another man’s house before dipping out with some of his goods. “Minor league fitted in your hallway/Foamposites in your living room/White tee in your fucking bathroom/Headphones and Nudie jeans chillin’ in yo’ back room”. Sorry, fella, but your spot has been blessed.-Nigel Watson

  • Producer: Nez and Rio
  • Album: Walk Away Music
  • Release Date: June 3, 2014