P Tee Money You Don't Care

P Tee Money

With releases dominating the scene on imprints such as Bounce’ and I Won’t Stop, the UK DJ/Producer/EDM/Electronic artist “P Tee Money” now stand ready to bring to the light ‘You Don’t Care’’ Album, a rip-roaring Album to his fans that has always supported him ‘You Don’t Care’ With the title providing the perfect foundation to give audiences an idea before they even tune in, unconventionally bringing twists and turns into play from the jump-off. Taking a fluid high-pitched beat that is set alight by deeper musing of a top-line vocal telling “Oh I’m Feeling Lovely”, Eastern-style chimes and pipes bring a tropical flavour, before the female vocal returns to harmonies and situate listeners in a trance. Just when you think you know where it’s headed, ‘You Don’t Care’ flips it upside down as m

  • Runtime: 22 minutes, 7 songs
  • Release Date: