Orange Cookies Kobe Bryant Shoe Company Was Going To Layout New Blue Print For NBA Players


Kobe Bryant Was Going To Layout A New Blue Print For NBA Players With His Own Shoe Company The Same Way Lebron James Did In 2010. Kobe Considered Leaving Nike & Starting His Own Mamba Brand Similar To What Lavar Ball Was Trying To Do With Lamelo & Lonzo Ball & The Big Baller Brand. NBA Considers Revenue Expansion To Help Deal With Revenues During Pandemic. Orange Cookies Shop 🛍️: 👉 Weekly Gems 💎 Books, Music Playlists & Articles To Keep You In The Know 👉 👈 Watch On Youtube 👉 Listen To Orange 🍊 Cookies 🏀🍪On the Go 👉 👈 Watch NBA Games Along With Me Chat Up On Twitter 🔥🎵 Music Playlists (Updated Weekly) Of Different Moods Available On All Major Strea

  • Release Date: January 12, 2021