On The Regular Podcast Episode 15: Glorified Gangsta


Whole lotta gang sh*t! Gangs can be found all across America, and as Hip-Hop grows as a culture their presence grows in Hip-Hop. Gangster rap was pivotal in strengthening the voice of inner city youth but does come with its share of negative effects on the community. Manito & Reaux look into gang culture in Hip-Hop and the artists that fuel its influence. Follow On The Regular on Twitter: @OnTheRegularPod - Join the convo on social media w/ hashtag: #OTRpodcast - Follow Manito on Twitter: @hola_manito + IG: @manicashhoes + website: holamanito.me - Follow Reaux on Twitter: @recognizereaux_ + IG: @recognize_reaux

  • Producer: E. Nigma
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