Various Artists Allopoietic factor [excerpt]


Allopoietic factor: The Structual Development of In and Out (Various Artists)01. Bark & Pulse by ZVIZMO02. Suna No Onna by Turtle Yama03. Fuzzy mood for backpackers by bonnounomukuro04. Crepuscular rays by Singū-IEGUTI05. Exocytosis by Yuki Hasegawa06. Boiling Point by 4TLTD07. Armor by Natiho Toyota08. Sairei No Odori by black root(s) crew09. IN A ROOM by Radio ensembles Aiida10. Proto-Enantiomorphous by EP-4 [fn.ψ]ライナーノーツ 大谷能生パッケージデザイン Materialレーベル名:φonon (フォノン)商品番号:SPF-003価格(税抜):¥2,000発売日:2018/6/15フォーマット:CD
  • Release Date: April 7, 2018


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