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Reggie! Ant-Man (Ant Wey)



Reggie! a.k.a "Sabi Boy" is a Nigerian Fast Rising Alternative Rapper who started the Ant-Wey Trend . His original idea was simple; juxtapose English words ending in the suffix ‘ant’ with creatively funny Pidgin interpretations, using an ant (the insect) as the subject. As there are at least 500 words that end with -ant in the English language, the opportunities for wordplay are technically limitless. Soon enough, “Ant Wey” and later, #AntWey were among the top 10 trending topics on both Ghanaian and Nigerian Twitter. This went on for at least another 24 hours, garnering over 100,000 impressions on Reggie’s original tweet alone. He’s decided not to rest on his oars though; he capitalised He decided to drop an Ant Wey Inspired Song called "Ant-Man" He shows his versatility through his witty punchlines and rugged flow ,spitting some cool thrill lines to further prove his cap

  • Producer: SOSA
  • Album: WHIP Music, Vol.1
  • Release Date:

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