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Olumide Luminate (Kanye West x Follow God Remix)



WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO: Social Media & Steaming Links: Artist: Olumide Location: Riverdale, Maryland (P.G. County) ***LYRICS*** My type Sumn black brown With an ass that’d b quite nice Girls kissing girls But they swear they ain’t no dykes All I really is need is some weed and light right PGN You know where we been In the kitchen Where is your ambition Shawty love to talk I ain’t tripping I just listen Asking me these questions She don’t care She just phishing Now she give me gawk This is game pay attention When it come to money 20/20 With vision Listen 20 on the tints Now it’s looking like I’m missing Bouncing on the D Hitting switches like suspension This is how it happened A nigga started rapping Vicious on beat Let it speak Ain’t no macking No Hollywood acting Nigga just in plain clo

  • Producer: Kanye West
  • Album: JESUS IS KING
  • Release Date: