Hometown Heroes: Houston

  • Runtime: 77 minutes, 23 tracks
  • Playlist Creator: OgRonC
  • Last updated: December 8, 2020


Hottest songs in the streets of H-Town! - Houston has been moving music forward since the genesis of hip-hop. The city’s influence is laden in the DNA of all of today’s biggest stars, from Migos to New York’s A$AP Rocky, and anyone else looking to kick rhymes over a syrupy beat with a triplet flow. With a rich hip-hop history built on the back of chopped and screwed production, soul, and the otherworldly work of DJ Screw, Houston is one of the most eccentric creative hubs. Specially curated by Ron C, Audiomack is proud to present the Hometown Heroes of Houston. Featuring a range of artists from Maxo Kream to YBN Almighty Jay, to Travis Scott and Bravo, this playlist showcases the immense and varied talent the city has to offer. Houston boasts as many grimy and gut wrench street operas as it does hazy trap classics. Press play on the hometown heroes of Houston to hear how the city is moving music forward.

  • Runtime: 77 minutes, 23 tracks
  • Updated on: December 8, 2020