Yogii Chasin My Dreams 3


My Name Is Joelle Agustin Sanabria Known As Yogii & Is A Artist Known As Yogii ! .... I Been Rapping & Snapping For 9 Yrs In Music Tryna Work My Way Up To The Top Doing Something & Tryna Make It On To Something With My Family That Is My Real True Siblings ! ..... I Am 23 Yrs old Born And Raised From New York .... Living Now Down South In Florida Representing Coconut Creek..... My Race Is Puerto Rican / Colombian / Jamaican / West - Indian ! Im Just A Young Artist Tryna Come Up...... Music Is What Keeps Me Moving Each And Everyday ! And Everyday I Do This ! .... It Keeps Me Motivated To Really Make My Dreams Come True & Grind ! This Is My Job !...... And This Is My Life In Music !...... Really Wanna Get A Family House For My Family & Be On Tour Every Year With My Circle ! Lets Get It !

  • Producer: Dakidd Lagacy
  • Runtime: 34 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: April 18, 2015