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Cody King The Q (My 100th Published Song)

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Cody King

* THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LISTENING!!! * I've been losing my mind. Somedays are better than others but the anxiety never gets better. I'm usually able to hide my issues from everyone but I've been slippin lately. I appreciate each and every single one of you that listens to my music. I apologize bout how back and forth I am with my vibes and topics. It matches my personalities... 🎧 Official Website - 🎧 Official Linkpage - 💵 Cash Money Booster - * LEAVE ME SOME FEEDBACK IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW! I WANNA KNOW EVERYONE'S THOUGHTS AND FEELS ARE FOR THIS SONG!!! - I seriously love reading all the comments I get. You all are sooo amazing!!! :D

  • Album: The Q - Single
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