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Ode Broham Live Like Lakeside


Ode Broham

Tidal: Apple Music: Spotify: This is a song about continuing to live on after your loved ones pass on. It takes its name from a Redman line about the street I lived on in Jersey. There was a time when opening facebook felt like I was always seeing my Jersey homies saying RIP to someone else we went to school with or knew from the hood. Once upon a time there was an expectation that a black man in the hood wouldn't make it passed 25 years of age, I wanted to encourage my people to beat the odds. This is also the oldest song on the album, recorded around 2015 but the first verse is from 2013 Dedicated to Tyree "Ty" Huey who shot the single art on September 28th, 2019 and then survived a crazy accident a day later. That's God saying he's on this earth for a reason!

  • Producer: Drum Fu
  • Release Date: