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On my way, I cannot stay. No time to lay I thought I warned you bout my exes you ain’t hear me I see it clearly (crystal) Yeah... Can’t take a sip No contemplating the decisions that I make I want the paper so you know I gotta bake Stay awake stayed safe Cause you know them motherfuckers them are hate In the middle of the night You know them motherfuckers them are hate Baby you the only one that showed me love I no fit wait yeah yeah I’m on the way It’s been a minute since I heard you say my name girl I been a menace so it’s best that you forsake me It’s ziggy zaga how I’m moving like my wave Bussing down the wrist Girl let me put you on, that Rollie Every night and day you be the one that show me love yeah Support my grind yeah You kept me on my grind girl You on my mind is why you...

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