bencodion-10times-better 10 times better

  • Album: you deserve it all

A song of Victory and a song of Joy🎼🎧🎹🎸 This song would stir you up, it would promote you on all side over every adversaries; always be aware that Innumerable numbers of angels are behind the scene making things to happen for you. You are victorious through Christ, and making progress day to day to become all God has called you to be.🔊🎶🔉📻🎧🎛🎼📯 Delays, disappointment is a stepping stone not an obstacle, when a door closes God opens another door to fulfill your kingdom mandate in Him. Let this song increase you faith and keep your total focus on God.🗣️🔥🔥🙏 Enjoy and Be blessed.

  • Producer: BENCO DION
  • Album: you deserve it all
  • Release Date: