Noah Sims Testament

Noah Sims

“It feels like when I’m making music, I'm writing and being told a story at the same time.” Welcome to the world of Noah Sims, a Chicago producer whose soundscapes carry the texture, tension and complexity to give those stories intense staying power. Testament, an eclectic, lucid nine-track offering, is your introduction & his captivating first chapter. With Testament, Sims has no interest in just compiling features from the city’s rising stars. His goal is to curate viscera & weave an unforgettable narrative with close friends playing pivotal characters. Supa Bwe shreds yearbooks on "Hawaii;" Roosevelt the Titan gasps for breath on "Calm the Fuck Down;" Tree delivers plug talk from the club on "She Gets the Best Of Us." Tell your story to the latest talent from the Chi, as he recites his.

  • Producer: Noah Sims, Orgena, JAROFMY & SEER
  • Runtime: 28 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: