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Noa James Goddess Of Victory


Noa James

Noa James’ latest single is an ode to claiming your glory and your blessings. Noa’ll get your stankface going early in this track. “I put up many numbers Grind for myself and plenty others For many summers….” Then Evolve One drops in the drums and the song’s pensive, subtly majestic chords build to Noa’s simply stated reaching of the summit…”Goddess of Victory…” “When the love is absent You become your own assassin” BricktoYaFace and HalfValve came together on this lofty, life-affirming joint one time to remind you to never deny yourself credit and self-love, to remember what it’s all for as you struggle in this life. Noa gives us a firm flow and a deep voice to trumpet his truth in some of the most stainless steel bars we’ve heard from Young Orca yet so nod your head!

  • Producer: Evolve One
  • Release Date:

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