No Jumper Podcast The Tory Lanez Interview


Tory Lanez came on the podcast the other day and gave me a great interview. The dude is a class act and we had an in depth chat where you really got to see his personality shine. Shout out to Tory for coming through and having a good time with us! 0:00 Interview styles 3:45 Relationship with x 9:50 Career path will be the best of all time 9:50 17:31 Musician vs socialite 19:47 Label influencing your sound 21:35 Toronto blunt/backwoods problems 25:45 Other drug use 26:35 When did you start making music 28:38 Mom passing 30:35 Average fan 31:35 Claiming the best of all time 39:48 Do you ever feel crushed by the weight of what you’ve already accomplished 43:21 First time I’ve ever heard you “Say It” 47:18 Do you think if you stayed in the RNB lane your career would have as much longevity 48:38 What in your pedigree allows you to make reggae / latino style music? 51:52 Napoleon complex / school life 59:03 New album / lil wayne 1:02:24 Definition of soundcloud rappers 1:04:56 Halloween story 1:07:32 Baggy clothes coming back 1:10:13 Album inspiration/ plane story

  • Release Date: November 15, 2018