No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 49


This week, AD joins Adam and Cam Girl to talk about Akademiks, Virgil Abloh, Shane Dawson, cancel culture and more! 2:06 Black Panther: Adam says Joe Exotic is the same for white people 5:30 AD was late to cover for House Phone 19:45 6ix9ine biggest drop from the #1 spot 22:20 Tik Tok pushing certain songs, dances are lame and all the same 23:59 Tik Tok vs reality: Tik Tok doesn't want to promote ugly ppl 36:20 Coronavirus update, cases spike and cities reopen 37:50 Adam and AD livestream drunk and high + AD and Lavelle are now best friends 40:31 AD wants to be on TV, maybe on 90day fiance and plan to break the internet 47:00 White couple pulling g*** outside their house during protests 48:41 Akademiks vs Freddie Gibbs, Adam's total break down 52:25 AD says: stay in ur place if you're a blogger if you bring a wild energy Imma think it's on when I see you 1:04:32 The R&B conversation, Adam and AD going back and forth, Adam doesn't care about R&B. AD says: Adam needs soul 1:13:27 Adam and AD argue "white music" vs rap music, Adam shares a list of what he listens to right now 1:16:20 G Perico sends R&B playlists to AD every Sunday and AD shares his current R&B list, Adam doesn't listen to any music at all when he makes love 1:30:40 Pop Smoke cover outrage 1:41:21 Shane Dawson full debacle break down 1:48:30 Adam and AD fighting over Shane Dawson and Adam defending him and what offense level deserve cancelling 1:55:05 Adam insists that Shane apologized and people shouldn't hold it against him 2:08:00 AD says all things Shane add up + Adam compares Biggie lyrics to Shane Dawson black face level of offensiveness ---- No Jumper News Discord: FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media: Follow Adam22: and adam22hoe on Snapchat #NoJumper #Live

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