No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 40


0:26 Adam is pissed because Camgirl and Housephone are late! 1:54 Camgirl's bday is canceled lol 4:03 No brand deal, no exposure 5:36 Getting brand deals for the podcast 6:20 Isolation stream 7:20 Adam tells the smelly cat story 11:07 Lena thinks the cat will be jealous of the baby 13:16 Adam not smoking in the house for the next 18 years 14:34 Camgirl has arrived! 15:12 Yuriy and AD drinking stream 16:29 Camgirl loves Twitch and video game talk 21:17 Happy bday Camgirl!!! Housephone brings the cake 23:27 Drinking a 40 is like Asap Rocky 24:06 AD on Dave show 26:09 The Frozen debacle 28:33 Supreme Patty and Boonk 30:13 Asap Rocky drinking a Forty talk 33:45 Lena has so many questions about the baby in moments of doubt 35:24 When people you know do crack 38:49 Tiger King, Adam is team Carroll 40:07 Adam's meth story 41:44 Housephone wants to put Cam's face on the cake 43:00 New documentary on Netflix 43:43 Adam gets angry at the chatroom 44:00 The chat is toxic AF 45:07 Adam currently on a deep Brian Pumper dive 50:17 Adam got attacked for not liking Travis Scott 53:19 The Smokepurpp, Travis Scott and Carti debacle with Alamo possibly behind it 55:05 What happened to Jumex? 56:28 Wearing brands without thinking too much of it, meanwhile, people take it as a cosign for sure 58:48 Camgirl and Housephone scammed into brand deals 1:04:09 Juxed by IG influencers for brand deals 1:05:43 Picking the winners for the Kendama giveaway 1:07:31 David Dobrik latest money giveaway 1:09:30 Trying to find a rapper to rhyme David Dobrik and bricks 1:10:25 Housephone is depressed 1:11:13 Kim Jong-un is not dead 1:13:15 D'usse Palooza debacle and allegations 1:15:08 No excitement for the Democratic party? 1:18:07 Brian Pumper is a trump supporter 1:19:00 Adam and Trap Lore collab 1:20:12 Cameron Terrell, white guy who joins the Crips 1:21:37 White Australian guy scammed millions of people by making a Black Lives Matter FB page and keeping the money 1:26:44 Sniper Gang drops "NBA" toilet paper 1:27:49 Adam needs to review Youngboy's new project + Future and Migos doing the same songs over again 1:29:16 The hosts debate about Uzi, Youngboy, Travis Scott and dropping music often vs anticipation and the mood to be in to receive some of their music 1:32:14 Housephone attacked for saying "Carti is a goat" 1:34:20 Jay Electronica's latest project didn't have that much meaning, Trap Lore Ross says he's the biggest let down 1:35:36 Kendrick vs Jay Electronica 1:37:50 Uzi and Carti are the best Soundcloud rappers and what defines a Soundcloud rapper 1:43:19 Pump diss Juice Wrld 1:44:35 Using crazy offensive references on the come up like FTP 1:49:48 Almighty Suspect vs Frostythesnowman beef 1:51:10 "Oh My God" videoshoot girl fight with DeathByRomy 1:53:27 Back to Almighty Suspect vs Frostythesnowman 1:55:53 Fenix vs OhGeezy 1:57:59 Parasite 2:00:19 Drakeo has an OnlyFan girlfriend? 2:02:51 Keyshia Ka'oir waited for Gucci and held it down when he was in jail 2:04:20 Frenchie (Brick Squad) on IG live 2:06:56 Housephone thinks Xan's label paid for the gun stunt and Lil Nas X to fake date Noah Cyrus 2:08:21 Brian Pumper's music career and Kendrick doing the ding-a-ling dance? 2:11:22 Travis Scott Fortnite concert 2:19:46 French Montana vs Young Thug ----- FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT FOR THE LATEST NEWS & UPDATES CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: iTunes: Follow us on Social Media:

  • Release Date: May 2, 2020

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