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No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 39


0:55 Camgirl new haircut 2:52 Camgirl thinking about doing a murder mystery channel 3:49 Adam advice to Camgirl's social media personality and to blow up 5:09 Adam's Ayleks Onlyfans 6:07 God mode login for Onlyfans 6:45 Reselling Onlyfans content 7:47 Adam's Ayleks video review, charging a lot for very little content 9:41 Adam beef with Ayleks? 10:29 Should Adam square up with Ayleks 11:24 Adam still drew attention to her dry Onlyfans 11:45 Safaree's Onlyfans 12:56 Camgirl calls out Adam about Trap Lore and Ayleks 14:33 Spending time making videos vs no ads 15:38 Giveaway 16:59 Nicki and Safaree were in a group together 17:48 Safaree vz Big Zoo? 19:45 Housephone hasnt really changed his lifestyle since quarantine 21:00 Joe Budden deep dive 24:19 "Self help/advice" type of content 26:15 Positive speakers on social media "It's hard to market myself to idiots" 29:28 New experiences during q

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