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No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 35


0:00 Housephone talks about one his inebriated adventures 3:16 Reacting to Trump today's announcement goes against healthy measures 4:02 Practicing social distancing 5:42 Closed restaurants won't survive to this lockdown 8:11 Adam hurt his arm at the skate park 9:44 LA high rail recreated by Jenkum is amazing 10:26 Kid smashed his head at Hollywood high captured during a No Jumper vlog 13:41Stripers online now? 14:08 Boosie getting sexual on IG with random girls 14:31 Girl pleasuring herself with a hot sauce bottle 15:40 Girls wildin on social media then regret it 17:02 Housephone reminds girls to get the money before doing any favors 18:33 Drop 18:55 Philip Solo 20:28 Drakeo the ruler, the importance of his case 24:53 Blueface never showing support to any cause 26:43 Young thug has covid 27:36 People are skeptical about celebrities who tested positive 28:27 Cam gives an update from her friends in china about covid 29:42 Adam talks about the principal in Brooklyn who passed away from covid 30:37 The conditions of adapting to the new way of life while social distancing 31:37 What about the homeless in Skid Row? 33:23 social distancing and how the virus lingers after someone passes away 35:15 Chief Keef vs Wokano 38:10 Throuple 38:35 Tiger King documentary 44:22 NBA Youngboy had tigers? 44:48 Living with wild animals in a regular house 46:53 Adam saw a pack of coyotes outside his house 48:13 Camgirl talks about her daily routine while being in quarantine 50:37 Adam plays this new video game called Rust + describes how much time he spends playing Poker, Tetris and other games 53:57 Using a teleprompter 54:47 Idris Elba 55:20 Blueface 56:06 Uzi dropping an album during the pandemic and doing crazy numbers 57:09 tik tok is unreal 57:45 Spraying in LA from drones? 59:00 Adam follows covid updates and only believes news source 59:52 Are we going to get fined soon for leaving the house? 1:01:02 New music reviews of the week: Weeknd, Durk, Herbo, Rio the Young OG, Young Nudy, 1:04:17 Trippie Red playing snipets + a very similar song to Carti's song 1:05:55 Trippie Red's ex girlfriend giving top on IG? 1:08:43 Young Chopp calling French Montana and Meek Mill "scary" 1:13:29 People are not using the word "scary" properly 1:16:11 Lil Toe? 1:17:32 Fashionnova + The Fashionova / 6ix9ine situation 1:20:29 Idris Elba 1:21:15 Cringy fan encounters 1:23:30 Adam wants to be pornstar of the year 1:24:58 Vlad using viagra 1:27:31 Megan and Dababy hooked up? 1:30:58 Based Savage telling a teenager to get percs on livestream 1:32:07 DJ Small Eyez has the worst titles on Youtube 1:34:53 Adam did a share for share with Esco 1:39:09 Post Malone looks 1:43:45 Lil Yachty first ever vlog with no jumper 1:44:25 Uzi said he would do the no jumper interview 1:45:25 Adam is working on a Chief Keef interview 1:47:47 Housephone talks about ghostwriting for OGaquafina and how it went completely left, wonders if he should leak the reference track via Flex 1:52:50 Housephone trolling outside a wedding with a uber driver 1:53:51 Vlad asks Adam about Yelawolf and Royce beef! --- #NoJumper #Live FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: Join The Discord:

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