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No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 33


0:12 Ridin with Biden 1:13 How was everybody's weekend 2:15 Housephone raps Summrs bars 4:05 The Summrs story 5:13 Adam and Housephone experienced something with the same girl 8:09 Back to the Summrs story 25:42 King Von storytelling about Gaby and his relationship with Asian Doll 29:26 Faze Banks pem doz 30:15 Dom and Adam tattoo bet 32:39 Chief Keef and Gucci old label rumor 33:16 "Back from the Dead" 33:46 Adam talks about filming a threesome with Riley and Len 37:00 Cam girl talk about their weekend shindig 38:27 The heartless tattoo girl 39:00 The girl with the fake 69 tattoo 39:34 Vice and Long Neck 40:16 Harvey Weistein micro penis 43:59 Nicky Minaj's husband in trouble 48:38 Summrs facetime 56:42 Adam gives instructions to the editors lol 57:36 Wutangela 58:25 Fashionova plug 1:02:35 Jadakiss interview recap 1:05:04 Furrys 1:06:50 White kid who went everywhere and snuck in ever

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