No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 29


Adam and the gang are back this week with special host and winner of Reality House season 2 Lena The Plug. 1:04 No Jumper fans requesting a streetwear review comeback. Lil Housephone reveals his segment ideas. 2:31 Adam22 watched Yuriy livestream himself taking 1,000 mg edible. 3:55 What happened to #RopeGang? 5:15 Lil Housephone get hooked on Netflix’s “You”. 6:15 Adam22 recaps his insane San Francisco trip with Vell BMX and his hands of fury. 13:00 Apparently we weren’t public on Youtube yet… 13:55 Adam22 co-hosted a gameshow but experienced technical difficulties. 14:50 A whole new world for Vell BMX’s experiencing fondu and trolley cars in SF. 16:05 Adam22 shows Lil Boosie the Boosie fade shirt 16:42 Lil Blurry bought a repost off Lil Housephone back in the day. 17:01 Lil Housephone the A&R? CamG1rl’s A&R past and the problem with the label system in the industry. 24:00 BIggie’s daughter speaks out on royalty disputes with Diddy. 25:20 Gayle King backlash from Kobe question during interview with Lisa Leslie. 27:08 Snoop Dogg takes to social media and addresses Gayle King. 28:35 Theorizing the repercussions if Kobe’s case happened in today’s society. 29:59 Lil Housephone finessed the hotel plug in Fargo, North Dakota. 31:11 Lil Housephone attends Jerk Music Reunion Show 34:02 Remembering the DTLA warehouse shows 34:58 CamG1rl travels to Mexico and rides a mechanical bull for the first time. 38:20 Fearing rollercoasters and people forcing the issue. 41:30 LTP joins the No Jumper Show. 43:38 LTP returns from the Reality House Reunion and wins $50,000! 46:29 LTP spills the beans about the Reality House Beef 47:55 LTP gave away a portion of the prize money to top 4 contestants. 50:00 Adam22 tries Thick Water with Unghetto Mathieu 53:17 Failing at reality shows challenges. 56:05 Would LTP seek a music career for reality television? 58:35 Viewers attack LTP for not needing the Reality House prize money. Doing a reality show for clout or money? 1:01:37 Did LTP cheat on Adam22 during the shows filming? 1:03:02 LTP’s really hated the Reality House’s fast food options, especially Subway. 1:07:03 Adam22 attends an Armenian church 1:07:54 LTP upgrades and buys a new car! 1:11:38 Adam22 has energy drink overload in Las Vegas 1:13:55 Tankhead666 arrested for murder of his manager in Miami. 1:19:29 Lana Rhodes breaks up with Mike from Impulsive because of Ava Louise hookup. 1:27:32 Lil Housephone beefs about time stamping his acid story. 1:28:00 Adam22 and Lena haven’t been hungover since 2018. The White Claw review. 1:33:00 Yuriy would rather 1M views than 1M dollars. Vlog with Hesh is over 100k. 1:34:03 Housephone relates to Joe’s mentality from “YOU” 1:36:05 Poetry Slams 1:37:40 Who’s watching The Outsider? 1:38:48 Tony the Cat got his tooth replaced 1:39:22 Adam22’s steroids past 1:40:30 Former employee attempts to have office s3x 1:42:26 Lil Uzi Vert changes his name 1:42:38 No Jumper’s “Parasite” review FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: Follow us on Soundcloud: and iTunes: and follow us on Social Media: Join The Discord:

  • Release Date: February 13, 2020