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No Jumper Podcast The Nelk Boyz & SteveWillDoIt Interview


0:18 neck boys coming together living in Canada 3:04 MTV Jesse actually on MTV 5:57 Steve will do it joining the game by eating and drinking videos 10:27 Adam tries dip 13:31 quitting pranks’ 17:34 linking with banks 22:31 shoenice beef 24:28 Paul bros 28:20 getting famous 32:08 reading the chat 33:19 blurring faces on prank videos 35:45 Canadian vs la girls 37:52 fans stalking them and trying to fight them 39:18 risky pranks in the hood and fake pranks 41:18 finical situation and investing 44:32 coke prank in Mexico exposing Send $100 for song/video play and $200 Soundcloud Repost. Playing music wednesday Night!!! Send here: or send via Superchat if it doesn't work WANT TO SUPPORT NO JUMPER? BECOME A MEMBER! DISCORD:

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