No Jumper Podcast The Mike Majlak & FaZe Banks Interview: Lana Rhoades Break Up, Logan Paul D


Faze Banks and Mike are back on the program to spill all the tea! 1:00 Faze and Mike are now living together + Being on Spotify 3:24 Faze asks if you can j*rk off T-Rex with arms + Dogs licking themselves and then kids face ewww 5:30 NFT: Mike and Adam hate them, Faze love them and break down how it works 10:59 Adam is skeptical about everything and says NFT is not the future + Remember when he didn’t have money 13:05 Faze says it’s important to invest money + Building IP 15:20 Faze explains why he stopped posting as consistently: "It’s not about making videos, it’s about everything that comes with it, the attention, the drama" 17:37 Faze is tired of people tarnishing his reputation 18:46 Mike was flying under the radar for a while and watched all the big Youtubers going down in flames one by one 19:27 Mike says "F the drama pages and everybody who follow them! We’re the ball players, without us they have nothing to talk about” + Mike’s last couple weeks were terrible 21:54 Faze’s take on cancel culture: “People should be allowed to redeem themselves” 23:32 Mike says responding to random comments ads fuels to drama page: "It's terrible for my mental health" + Mike asks why they are really doing all this content for: "The love of making videos?" 28:35 Mike still kept grinding through hard times + The success of his book and working rehab centers 31:27 Has Mike been fired or nah? 35:17 Faze relationship with the Nelk Boyz, how he helped them thrive, etc: “I’m so happy for them, I love them” 37:00 Logan Paul in Puerto Rico: “He will do anything for work, he’s so driven” 41:00 Faze defends Mike’s character from the negative feedback he's gotten from the recent events 43:54 Mike says he’s been trying to let go off things he used to be tired of 45:24 Faze says negative comments are way smaller than anything positive they have going on 51:53 Being real on youtube can't get you cancelled like Nelk 56:45 The PC culture has been weaponized 58:28 Faze recall Adam shooting p**n with Trisha 1:03:20 P**n talk, shooting blanks, jerk stories as teenagers… 1:05:05 Faze tried to make a pocket pu**y when he was 16 + Adam trying to f*ck Lena’s flash light 1:06:34 The guys remember the spice channel 1:10:40 Mike explains why his relationship with Lana ultimately ended 1:11:00 Mike explains in details why he broke up with Lana 1:15:49 Faze also resent the fact that people in the comments are critical of their breakups because they are gorgeous girls 1:17:16 Mike says he’s not the best at ending things but tries his best to stay respectful 1:18:00 Mike says their relationship was based on trust and truth, thought he lied for 30 seconds 1:20:41 Mike says he was hurt when she posted the pros and cons list 1:24:06 “Your headphones are backwards” LMAO 1:32:07 Jake Paul turning a new leaf after having a break down on their show, now he’s a "villain": “Gotcha Hat” moment was straight from 6ix9ine’s book says Adam + Faze recognizes how savvy Jake is and how he plays with the internet + Comparing the two brothers 1:42:58 Prediction on Austin vs Bryce? 1:48:10 Taylor Holder is the nicest guy you will ever meet: “Phenomenal dude!!” 1:48:50 Adam is fascinated that Austin made million by being a family guy Youtuber who is ready to leave that behind to be a thug 1:50:23 Danny Duncan doesn’t need anyone's clout 1:53:19 Faze and Mike break down the whole IP venture they are working on 1:58:00 Faze created the first influencer creator house 1:59:14 Faze and Mike are seeking a couple influencers with a great following to join their venture 2:01:53 Back to the IP talk and how they plan on making more money 2:08:20 Learning all the possibilities to really 2:08:21 Being so connected to the value of what they con build from being an influencer is amazing 2:09:19 How Youtube money flourished as the platform and the talent expanded in popularity 2:17:04 The guys debate if there’s an alternate universe

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